The new album by David Vaughan-Thomas


All songs by dvt

Two Of A Kind: dvt & Kenny Stein

Cruel, Cruel Mind: dvt & Darden Smith


Produced by Boo Hewerdine

Recorded and Mixed by Chris Pepper

Mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis


Guitars: Boo, Neill MacColl, Gustaf Ljunggren, Chris, dvt

Bass: Boo

Keyboards: Boo, Gustaf, Chris

Sax: Gustaf

Drums and Percussion: Chris

Backing Vocals: Sarah Ozelle, Megan Vaughan-Thomas, Boo, dvt

Photograph of dvt by Peter James Millson


With deep gratitude to Boo and Chris for their talent, inspiration, guidance, brilliance, infinite patience, joy, delight and laughter.

Also with grateful thanks to Darden Smith, Ray Davies, Tom Baxter, Chris Difford, Julian Marshall, Tony Hazzard, Reg Meuross, Charlie Dore and Katie Whitehouse for all their generosity, expertise, passion and inspiration along the way.

None of this would have happened without the encouragement and support of my beautiful wife, Beverley. Thank you, my darling.

With my love to my family, Megan, Grace and Sam.


For Sam.


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